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logo fait-maison Mixed Green Salad   5 €
logo fait-maison Vegetables velouté of the day, croutons and grated cheese   10 €
logo fait-maison Egg 63° from Marin, pumpkin cream soup, chestnut foam and chips ham   13 €
logo fait-maison Potato waffle with Abondance cheese and cured ham   15 €
logo fait-maison Chef Philippe’s terrine with duck and rabbit crystallized shallot, wholegrain mustard and beetroot petals   16 €
logo fait-maison Traditional duck pate with foie gras, quinces chutney   19 €
logo fait-maison Homemade cold meats produced and smoked with juniper berry by us 18 months refining
(cured ham, terrine, dried pork & beef sausage, garlic sausage, dried meat and green salad)
  20 €
logo fait-maison Loch Duart from Scotland trilogy, horseradish mousse
(heart of fillet marinated salmon with beetroot juice, smoked salmon and tartar)
  21 €
logo fait-maison Homemade duck foie gras, blueberries jelly
crusty Abondance cheese and foie gras cutlet
  26 €
logo fait-maison Snails baked in parsley butter with wild garlic (12)   18 €
logo fait-maison Snails baked in parsley butter with wild garlic (6)   10 €
logo fait-maison Omelette (with ham or cheese or herbs) served with homemade french fries and green salad   16 €

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Gourmet salads

logo fait-maison Malakoff salad (mixed leaves, hot French-Swiss cheeses fritter doughnuts)   17 €
logo fait-maison Salad with hot goat cheese
(mixed leaves, crunchy of natural, with savory and mature cheese from la Chapelle d’Abondance)
  19 €

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logo fait-maison Poached trout fillet in apples Granny Smith broth and celery   22 €
logo fait-maison Back of cod, coconut milk and lemongrass emulsion   27 €
logo fait-maison Perch fillets fried with lemony butter   28 €
logo fait-maison Féra fillet from Lake Geneva, verbena sauce   29 €
logo fait-maison Snacked French scallops, cauliflower and lentil, shellfish sauce   33 €
logo fait-maison Homemade french fries   5 €

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All our meats are French origin
logo fait-maison Roasted duck breast, blueberries sauce   27 €
logo fait-maison Veal fillet mignon à la savoyarde (fried veal fillet, ham, cheese, morels sauce)   29 €
logo fait-maison Grilled beef fillet steak with bearnaise or pepper Timut sauce (citrus aroma)   30 €
logo fait-maison Grilled beef fillet steak with morels sauce   35 €
logo fait-maison Grilled beef fillet steak Rossini
(cutlet of duck foie gras, foie gras, black truffle from Drôme, périgueux sauce)
  41 €
logo fait-maison Fleur de Neige burger served with homemade french fries and green salad (minced beef steak 180g, tomato, cheese, crystallized red onions, homemade burger sauce)   22 €

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logo fait-maison Calf's head & tongue with ravigote sauce, served with seasonal vegetables   21 €
logo fait-maison Sauteed with armagnac calf's kidneys   28 €
logo fait-maison Sweatbread served on a bed of hay, morels sauce   37 €


  Cheeses from various regions   11 €
  Cheese (1 piece)   4 €
  Fromage blanc   4 €

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Cheese - Savoyard Specialities

served with cold meats made and smoked by us and green salad
logo fait-maison Vacherin from Châtel (450g per 2 persons, minimum 2 persons)
(exceptional and very rare raw cow milk cheese, served cold with hot potatoes)
  18 €
logo fait-maison Fondue with black truffle from Drôme (250g of cheese and 10g of truffle per person)
(mixed melted French-Swiss cheeses, white wine, garlic) minimum 2 persons
  40 €
logo fait-maison Savoyard Fondue
(mixed melted French-Swiss cheeses, white wine, garlic) 250g per person, minimum 2 persons
  25 €
  Cheese supplement, 250g per person (without accompaniment)   13 €
logo fait-maison Berthoud (Abondance cheese baked in the oven with garlic & white wine, potatoes)   25 €
logo fait-maison Tartiflette (farmhouse ½ reblochon cheese baked with roasted potatoes, bacon and onions)   25 €
logo fait-maison Raclette (farmhouse cheese served with potatoes) min. 2 persons (to eat on the spot)   26 €


Our "homemade" dishes are produced on the spot from raw products, price per person

Listing allergens included in our dishes is at your disposal

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Free access to relaxation area (sauna, jacuzzi, hammam and heated indoor pool).
Relaxation massages, personalised advice, reiki, plantar reflexology (by reservation).


Discover the generous cooking of chefs Philippe and Sébastien Trincaz (Master restaurateurs).


Hotel*** Fleur de Neige
564 route de Vonnes
74390 Châtel
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