In 1962, Auguste and Thérèse Cottet had to retire from the business due to ill health. Pierre Cottet, just 36 years old found himself alone to run the hotel. Throughout the years he fought alone to maintain the enterprise founded by his parents. Maurice ever faithful to the Fleur de Neige provided his help and eased the toil by looking after the restaurant side and the reception. Seeing that he could count on Maurice, Pierre asked him to become his associate in 1977. Never had any children, Pierre became attached to those of Maurice, of whom Philippe and Stéphane.

In 1971, a few more renovations were undertaken which gave every room its own bathroom and toilet. These renovations meant the demolition of certain rooms in order to increase the size of others and give additional space for the bathrooms. Now the Fleur de Neige had 27 bedrooms.

At the end of the 70's tourism intensified in Chatel. With ever increasing demand Pierre and Maurice decided to launch themselves into the largest phase of development since the construction of the hotel. The work involved the construction of a building on the South-West slope of the hotel in which 12 comfortable rooms on two floors were to be situated and which could be reached by lift. At the end of 1981the South wing was extended to accommodate a larger restaurant and kitchen. When the project was completed the Fleur de Neige had 40 bedrooms for its clients. In addition the hotel had two vast terraces giving unique panoramas of the mountains and the valleys. The clients of the Fleur de Neige were subjugated by the comfort that was their disposal. In 1982, Pierre and Maurice were decorated with the Honorific Diploma of the Hotel and Restaurant de France Chain, for their welcome, the quality, the price and the comfort of their hotel the Fleur de Neige.