To the utmost delight of Pierre Cottet, Philippe Neuvecelle came to rejoin his godfather in the kitchen in 1984. Over the years Pierre transmitted all his cookery know-how and named him Head Chef in 1989. In 1990 Philippe received the Honorific Diploma of the Confrérie Gastronomique de la Marmite d'Or for the excellent cuisine of the Fleur de Neige. Stéphane Neuvecelle also came to join the Fleur de Neige alongside his father. For years he concentrated essentially on the restaurant and the reception as his father had taught him. From January 1996 Pierre Cottet and Maurice Neuvecelle progressively withdrew from the limelight in order to leave the entire responsibility for the exploitation to Philippe and Stéphane.

During the autumn of 1990 Fleur de Neige transformed the restaurant constructed in 1980 into the three-star gastronomic restaurant 'La Grive Gourmande'. The 30 seat capacity of 'La Grive Gourmande' enables hotel guest as well as clients passing through to treat themselves to gastronomic fare.

From the spring of 1992 Fleur de Neige renovated 27 rooms and improved their comfort. All of the rooms are thus equipped with satellite television. During the autumn of 1994 the hotel closed its television lounge and replaced it with a Wellness center, with sauna, hammam, jacuzzi and solarium. In 2001, the two brothers Philippe and Stéphane installed a swimming pool at the Fleur de Neige.

On the 4th July the Fleur de Neige was the victim of a fire in the basement of the establishment. A short-circuit in the motor of a cold-room was the origin. Whilst rapidly brought under control, damage was important and the hotel remained closed throughout the summer, re-opening 6 months later when the repair works were completed.

In 2003, Stéphane informed his brother that he wished to leave the hotel to emigrate to Denmark in 2004, his wife's country of origin in order to spend more time with his family. For five years Philippe assured the continuity and the renown of the Fleur de Neige, alone. The task was not an easy with but Philippe assumed his responsibilities like a real professional.

In the autumn of 2008, Philippe arrived at a crossroads in his life and informed his brother Stéphane of his decision to leave Chatel. In July 2009 Philippe left to set himself up with his family in the South-West where the bought a restaurant.

Respecting his brother's decision as he had respected his own previously, Stéphane decided to return temporarily to Chatel, leaving his family in Denmark during the opening periods of the hotel.

In 2009, Stéphane planned the largest project of renovation that the Fleur de Neige had ever known. The main building, built in 1937 and 1960 was to be entirely renovated and was thus demolished, leaving just the four walls and the roof in order to keep the chalet architecture, so loved by the clients. In total, 4 floors were entirely renovated leaving 17 spacious and very comfortable rooms, two which are duplexes, the reception area and the entrance were also entirely refitted and the original lift replaced. After 8 months of intense activity the Fleur de Neige re-opened offering to guests a warm comfortable hotel. From 2011 the clients of Fleur de Neige were able to renew their habits and rediscover the panoramic terraces overlooking the valley.

Every season Stéphane came to Chatel leaving his family behind him. Whilst these separations were always difficult, his family looked forward to the equilibrium of his coming home. During the autumn of 2013 Stéphane decided to pass the flame to well-known professionals of the Abondance Valley, the Trincaz family.