We are delighted to welcome you from July 4th.
After this long break, it is time to rediscover calm, serenity and fresh air from our mountains. For any reservation for the summer season 2020, whatever the reservation conditions, we undertake to return any deposit in the event of reconfiguration on the scheduled date of your stay.



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Homemade Desserts


In discovery menu desserts up to 10€ are included, for any other desserts a supplement of 5 € is applied

logo fait-maison Ice cream   3,50 €
  vanilla from Madagascar, chocolate Guanaja (dark chocolate), chocolate Opalys (white) with chocolate sprinkles and caramel coulis   la boule
logo fait-maison Sorbet   3,50 €
  apricot, raspberry, blueberry, lime   la boule
logo fait-maison Crème brûlée with vanilla from Madagascar   9 €
logo fait-maison Dessert of the day   9 €
logo fait-maison Caramel poached pear, praline and Breton shortbread   10 €
logo fait-maison French or Irish Coffee (cognac Gautier or whisky Jameson, coffee, whipped cream)   10,50 €
logo fait-maison Dame blanche (3 scoops of vanilla ice cream, hot chocolate sauce, whipped cream)   11 €
logo fait-maison Sorbet with alcohol (raspberry, apricot, lime)   11,50 €
logo fait-maison Exotic baba, fruity caramel and coconut ganache
in extra : rhum Havana 4€ or rhum Mount Gay 7€
  11,50 €
logo fait-maison Lemon meringue tart   11,50 €
logo fait-maison Profiteroles like Mont-Blanc
(blueberry sorbet, chestnut cream and meringue)
  12 €
logo fait-maison Gourmet Coffee or Tea (selection of small homemade desserts)   12,50 €
logo fait-maison Coulant Flowing Caribbean chocolate cake, vanilla ice cream and espuma banana-vanilla (10 minutes of wait)   13,50 €
logo fait-maison Extra whipped cream   1,50 €
All our desserts are made with Valhrona® chocolate

La qualité Maître Restaurateur, est une garantie de cuisine élaborée sur place avec des produits bruts de qualité par une équipe de professionnels de la restauration. Prix ttc par personne