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Pissaladiere (2 pers) 〜 15€
Cured Ham 150g 〜 19.50€
Dried Meat 100g 〜 20€
Malakoff - 6 pieces 〜 18€
homemade French-Swiss cheese fritters
Crispy shrimps - 4 pieces 〜 14€
Ham with Truffle 200g 〜 15€
Sausage 150g 〜 15€
Potato waffle 〜 15€
Abondance cheese emulsion

French caviar from Neuvic ~ Signature ~ served with 8 pieces of blinis 33€ / 10g
elegant and bright, medium-sized grains, quite firm with golden reflections, burst in the mouth and reveal delicate marine notes reminiscent of the freshness and finesse of oysters. This caviar comes from the Gueldenstaedtiii sturgeon, originating from the Caspian Sea, around the age of 12 years.

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logo fait-maison Langoustines carpaccio marinated in Château Léoube extra virgin olive oil, tangy apricot confit, tea veil with Java pepper & lemon zest   27€
logo fait-maison Salmon Loch Duart from Scotland smoked by us with juniper berries, grapefruit and fennel salad   25€
logo fait-maison Traditional duck pate (duck, veal, pork, French foie gras)
pickled vegetables, onion confit with candied tomatoes
logo fait-maison Homemade cold meats produced and smoked with juniper berry by us
〜 18 months refining 〜
(cured ham, terrine, dried pork & beef sausage, garlic sausage, dried meat and green salad)
logo fait-maison Ceviche of salmon Loch Duart from Scottish
(orange juice, chilli, red onion, passion fruit, ginger)
logo fait-maison Carpaccio of smoked sirloin, shavings of Abondance cheese
herb mayonnaise, Château Léoube extra virgin olive oil
logo fait-maison Tomato in all forms
(oregano and parmesan tomato tartlet, tomato chutney, tomato sorbet, tomatoes in herb oil)
logo fait-maison Regional soft-boiled egg, fresh peas, herb mayonnaise, bread tuile   15€
logo fait-maison Soup of the day served with croutons and grated cheese (only in the evening)   15€
logo fait-maison Local snails backed in homemade parsley butter with wild garlic    
  (12)   24€
  (6)   12€
logo fait-maison Green salad   8€

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logo fait-maison Fera fillet from Lake Geneva stuffed with herbs, girolle emulsion smoked freekeh risotto and vegetables   33€
logo fait-maison Poached trout fillet, grass emulsion from our vegetable garden smoked freekeh risotto and vegetables   29€
logo fait-maison Grilled octopus, roasted corn cream and baby vegetables   27€

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French origin

logo fait-maison Revisited Rossini beef fillet (180g)
(cutlet of duck foie gras, black truffles from Drome, périgueux sauce)
logo fait-maison Beef fillet (180g), girolle sauce   48€
logo fait-maison Beef fillet (180g), bearnaise sauce or Maniguette pepper sauce flamed with armagnac (citrus aroma)   42€
logo fait-maison Knuckles of lamb flavored with thyme, crystallizsed garlic and juice
(low-temperature cooking 36 hours)
logo fait-maison Veal fillet mignon cooked in leaf of spruce, fir tree sauce (UE origin)
(low-temperature cooking)
logo fait-maison Beef chuck tenderly confit one night with Mondeuse   32€
logo fait-maison Beef Thai style tartare cut with knife (170g), homemade French fries, salad
(lemongrass, ginger, soy sauce, coriander, galanga, sesame seed, toasted sesame oil)
logo fait-maison Fleur de Neige burger, homemade French fries & salad
(homemade bread, chopped steak cut with knife 180g, tomato, mesclun, raclette cheese from Châtel, herb mayonnaise) ANY CHANGES WILL BE MADE

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EU origin

logo fait-maison Braised veal sweetbreads served on the hay, girolle sauce   45€
logo fait-maison Sauteed with Armagnac calf’s kidneys, girolle sauce   35€
logo fait-maison Homemade French fries   8€

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logo fait-maison Vegetarian burger, homemade French fries & salad
(homemade bread, homemade coral lentil and sweet potato steak, tomato, mesclun, raclette cheese from Châtel, herb mayonnaise) ANY CHANGES WILL BE MADE
logo fait-maison Potato waffle and vegetable variations, girolle emulsion   26€

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logo fait-maison Ripened farms cheeses, jam and dried fruit   15€

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logo fait-maison Savoyard Fondue (250g per person) served with bread and green salad, min. 2 persons
(mixed melted French-Swiss cheeses, white wine, garlic)
logo fait-maison Berthoud (Traditional Speciality Guarantee) berthoud eu served with potatoes and green salad
(Abondance cheese gratin in the oven, madeira, garlic, pepper and white wine of Savoy)
logo fait-maison Raclette from « la Ferme du Linga » in Châtel, min. 2 persons
served with potatoes and green salad, to scrape yourself
(400g farmhouse cheese per person - to eat on the spot)
logo fait-maison All Savoyard specialities can be served in extra with
Homemade cold meats produced and smoked by us (per person)
(cured ham, terrine, dried pork & beef sausage, garlic sausage, dried meat)

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Our recipes are based on quality regional products.
We thank our suppliers for their taste for excellence
and the care that they let us select the best every day.

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