Between Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc, in the heart of the Portes du Soleil, Chatel is the place where you should come to recuperate. Majestic countryside, a lively village, local cooking.

From the nearby to the far away mountains, Chatel offers a privileged access to the Portes du Soleil domain which inter connects 12 French and Swiss resorts. In winter as in summer you will be transcended by the untouched nature, accessible to both young and old.

Local craftsmen are ready to share their passion with you: cheese makers, potters, artists, woodworkers or roof makers who you can meet on the markets, at village fetes or in their workshops.
For those who like to awaken their taste buds, the Savoy recipes will be up to the challenge. Cheese from Abondance (AOC), Vacherin, Raclette, Rissoles and many others are just waiting to be discovered. And the tasting starts in your hotel, a great way to begin the discovery.